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matita che scrive

The adventurous life of Lalà

The Story of a Special little Girl who fought against Witches and Orcs to save her family


HI! My name is Lalà, I am 11 years old and I live with my family, mother Elena, father Stefano and the little Maltese dog Molly. This year I will be in fifth grade: they told me that I am a special child, I'm not sure why, even though I feel like a child like all the others. If I understand correctly, I have a very rare genetic disease.

In this book I want to tell you my very adventurous story, a little scary and full of twists and turns, because I had to fight together with my dog Molly, with evil witches and ogres who had put a curse on my mother to make her become a witch.

Lalà mentre sogna


Victor Hugo

A compelling, emotional story, to be read in one sitting, which will introduce you to the world and the emotions and feelings of a special little girl like me.

This little story, partly true and partly fantastic, for little girls, children of my age, also wants to be a message of love that comes from my heart to all the parents of special children who dedicate their lives to looking after us with so much love, great joy and great sacrifices just to see us smile happily.



The innovative idea of this fairy tale for children between 7 and 12 years old is that the protagonist is Lalà, a special child, that is, with a rare genetic disease and with some disabilities whose family, due to the spell of an evil witch, splits; There are no studies or much experience of what can happen in the minds of these special children if the family separates.

The little 11-year-old protagonist will suffer a lot, but will also fight, risking death, against evil witches and ogres, with the help of other children and her Maltese dog Molly, to save her family.

In addition to reading a beautiful, compelling fairy tale full of twists and turns, in this story there is an important educational message in the form of a fable about diversity, about special children who are still children like all the others capable of having deep emotions and about solidarity between children; finally there is always the eternal struggle between Good and Evil: we understand that Evil is not easy to defeat but that Good, even through superhuman struggles and difficulties, in the end, thanks to the innocent and loving protagonist, triumphs .

This fairy tale aims, on the one hand, to give a voice to those who don't have one like little Lalà, on the other to send a loving message to parents, especially those of special children, to reflect on the consequences of a separation on these children. The fairy tale ends with a beautiful dream of the parents about the future of Lalà who wants to become a doctor, while Evil, who has not given up, contemplates a revenge.

HI! My name is Lalà, I like to do everything the other girls do, but I don't know how to speak well, I don't know how to read, I don't know how to write and I have some difficulty with my movements

matita che scrive

The cost of the book is €18.54 with hard cover

and €15 with soft cover, including shipping.

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Reference association in Italy for Malan
Tel: +39 340 3383 967


Reference association in the USA for Malan syndrome


The Malan syndrome is a rare genetic disease, it occurs1 case per million people; it is a growth disorder with increased and premature growth, enlargement of the head and other alterations such as intellectual disability, difficulty speaking or moving; delay or absence of speech, behavioral disorders, bone and muscle problems, vision disorders, strabismus, hearing disorders, feeding difficulties.

Malan syndrome it is caused by mutations in the NFIX gene, which presents a so-called de novo alteration because it occurs in the early stages of the embryo's life immediately after conception.

However our children are amazing, we should always have hope and push them to reach their maximum potential; these children also have qualities, even if they struggle daily with problems that seem simple. Parents of children with Malan syndrome also suffer from anxiety and sometimes depression: it is certainly not easy to keep up with a child who requires continuous assistance with various problems, but they are extraordinary parents and they do it.

Below are the references for those who wish to learn more about Malan Syndrome and the non-profit associations that deal with it in Italy and the USA.



Giovanni Ussia is a Surgeon, former Researcher and Lecturer for over 25 years at the University of Bologna, with work, research and teaching experience abroad in the USA as a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, in the United Kingdom as a Consultant Surgeon for the National Health Service and in other countries.


He has numerous scientific publications to his credit; This is his first experience as a writer of a children's book.

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THE ILLUSTRATOR  -  Serena Scandellari

She has a degree in Languages, a writer, illustrator and cultural operator. He founded the cultural association Canto 31 in 2009 in Bologna, his city, where he lives and works.

L'illustratrice Serena Scandellari
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